First Party Roll Call

April 5, 2012; First Roll Call

Campaign Mood: I wanted the campaign to have it’s funny moments, but overall to be a struggle for survival in a turbulent and realistically dark world. (Writing in retrospect, these were by far the most thought out and interesting characters I’ve ever seen in D&D.)

DMing philosophy: As a DM, I wish to put a realistic challenge before the players, set over riding themes in a campaign, develop an intricate story, and present provocative questions in the game. I believe players should face the realistic consequences for poor teamwork, and proper rewards for good synergy. Player death is preferably rare, but should occur as it realistically would. I despise pure dungeon crawls and love player initiative. I might rarely fudge the rules a tiny bit for a player to survive, but I won’t bail anyone.

Houserules: No speed healing or health surges. / Magic healers quicken healing to overnight. / gaining a total surprise or advantage with proper ‘prereq’ results in instant kills. / PC’s must pass fortitude checks after taking big hits or when HP falls below 10. Failing means anything from stumbling to fainting. /

Remember: I sat down with the players to talk through how they want the campaign setup. I made sure all players quickly resolved the ever so common ‘alignment arguments’ before we started the game.

Dungeonmaster: William

Nathan – Donnachyde the pretentious
John – Tan Kana the discerning larcenist
Jon – Gus “Magic head”
Tucker – Conan the bombastic
Hunter – Uncle Jack
Patrick – Jaeder the Prevaricator

PC party info:
Name: Donnachyde the pretentious
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Personality: Sean from “Psych”
Quirks: Hits on every female he comes across.
Weapons: Two Kuruki machetes and throwing daggers.
Backstory: Donnachyde and his lifelong friend Gus are leaving an urbanized life to join their Uncle Jack’s pursuit of wealth.

Name: Tan Kana the discerning larcenist
Race: Dwarf
Class: Rogue
Personality: Gruff, tough, and businesslike thief.
Quirks: Hates scientists,
Weapons: Twin daggers
Backstory: Tan Kana just escaped from a justice order’s jail in a nearby city. He’s coming with the party as they’re looking for work in a land he isn’t being currently pursued.

Name: Gus “Magic head”
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Personality: Gus from “Psych”
Quirks: He can ID any smell. /
Weapons: A single club
Backstory: Donnachyde and his lifelong friend Gus are leaving an urbanized life to join their Uncle Jack’s pursuit of wealth.

Name: Uncle Jack
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Personality: The adventurous, generous, and somewhat two faced Jack is decidedly loyal to his friends, and though he avoids fights, he can hold his own.
Quirks: Fiercely protective. /
Weapons: A kuruki machete
Backstory: Wanted in several cities, various bounties for various crimes on his incorrigible head, Jack is an adventurer with serious experience in the business.

Name: Conan the Bombastic
Race: Goliath
Class: Barbarian
Personality: Simple and direct, Conan relies upon his friends to point him toward whoever needs destroying.
Quirks: Would die for his friends. / Will boast at every opportunity. /
Weapons: A massive claymore.
Backstory: He met and became friends with Tan kana in prison, they escaped together and he joined Tan’s crew afterward.

Name: Jaeder the Prevaricator
Race: Elf
Class: ?
Personality: Varies
Quirks: He doesn’t tell the truth. / He makes up outrageous stories to NPC’s all the time. /
Weapons: A glaive.
Backstory: ?


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